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First Birthday Outfit top, 1st birthday shirt, 1 year old birthday shirt 03272014e

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This big blue oval with your little boy's name and age is a great little design for your boy that's all boy.

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Sizes Available in short and long sleeve

Please see the size chart before ordering.

Infant tees are available in 
6 month (9" wide x 12.5" long)
12 month (10" wide x 13" long)
18 month (10.5" wide x 13.5" long)
24 month (11" wide x 14" long)

Toddler tees are available in 
2 toddler (11.5" wide x 13.5" long)
3 toddler (12.5" wide x 15" long)
4 toddler (14" wide x 16" long)
5/6 toddler (15" wide x 18" long)
7 toddler (16" wide x 19" long)

Youth tees are available in 
Small (6-8) (15.5" wide x 20.5" long)
Medium (10-12) (17" wide x 23" long)
Large (14-16) (18" wide x 25" long)
X Large (18-20) (20" wide x 27" long)

Item Information

Printed Design
100% Cotton
Machine Wash Cold, tumble dry low
Unisex Sizing
May Run Small, please check size chart.


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