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Bonefish Grill Review - Brandon, FL - April 26, 2019

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Today we review the Bonefish Grill in Brandon, Fl. Located at 1015 Providence Road. Phone 813-571-5553.

We dined here a couple of weeks ago and I didn't want to forget to do the review. We have one of these in Orlando near us as well and the experience was different than we are use to in Orlando.

We arrived early for our Saturday evening 8:00 reservation by about 45 minutes and were told we'd have to wait until our actual reservation time and were directed to the bar area were there is seating not at the bar as well as in the bar area.

Here are the photos of the front and back of the menu.

We started off our meal with Bang Bang Shrimp. It's a little spicy but not too spicy. This dish is good at each Bonefish I've been to, so they seem to have that one down pretty good. It's a battered deep fried shrimp with a spicy sauce served over a bed of lettuce with green onions. We do get this about every time we visit any Bonefish. It's great to share with the whole table.

We had the Bonefish House Salad that has hearts of palm, kalamata olives, tomatoes and a citrus herb vinaigrette.

The table got bread service at this time. The bread was freshly baked and served warm with a side of olive oil and herbs for dipping.

A couple at our table got the Filet Mignon which is a 6 ounce wood grilled steak. They ordered it medium-rare but it arrived more on the medium side than medium rare as it was pink throughout and continued to carry over cook past the medium stage. The seasonal vegetable was broccoli.

I've learned that when a restaurant is busy unless the food served is inedible to not complain about a slightly overcooked steak. The reason is that if you complain about the steak and they take your food back to the kitchen it can be sometimes 25-30 minutes before you get food again. Which by this time your entire table has now eaten. I find that if I have to ask them to redo something that I only let them take what is needed to be redone. I this case if I'd received the steak say well done I'd have given them just the steak off my plate so I could continue to eat the broccoli with everyone else so that I didn't end up with nothing to eat while everyone else was eating. This way when the steak did arrive I'd have at least gotten something eaten by then. Otherwise you end up sitting there without any food and everyone else at the table isn't sure if it's polite to eat without you meanwhile their food is getting cold. But for me to send something back means that it's really not edible for me in it's current state.

On this night nothing was said about the steaks as they were still in the medium to medium well range. But would have been much better had they been the temperature that they were ordered.

We also got the Thermidor Gnocchi, which was lobster and shrimp sautéed with potato gnocchi, mushrooms, peas and fresh tomatoes tossed in a sherry cream sauce. He said it was very very good.

I had the Georges Bank Scallops & Shrimp. This is wood grilled shrimp and scallop skewers served with two sides. I chose the Potatoes Au Gratin and the coleslaw. The Potatoes au gratin is always good, very cheesy. The coleslaw for me needed some sort of dressing. It was pretty dry which made it a little hard to eat as it wouldn't stay on my fork.

For dessert we decided to share two of them across the table. The first was the Lava Cake. It was served with fresh berries and whipped cream. It was very dense chocolate flavor and a good size to share with table mates.

The second one was the key lime pie. While the size of the serving was very large we found this pie to lack in any "key lime" flavor. It was just very sweet without much key lime at all. For my liking I'd like to taste just a bit more key lime.

The experience on this night was good but at our local Bonefish it's usually a great experience. I'm figuring because it was a busy Saturday night and the kitchen was working hard. I know at our local Bonefish here in Orlando we do have a better experience with each time we've eaten there. So if you get a chance to go to a Bonefish by all means do. It's best to go when they are less busy though.

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