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Kobe Steakhouse Review - Brandon, Florida - May 25, 2019

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Today's Blog post is about the Kobe Steakhouse in Brandon, Florida. Located at 2210 West Brandon Blvd. Brandon, FL 33511. Phone: 813-653-2171.


  • Monday through Thursday 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Friday and Saturday 12:00 Noon to 10:30 p.m.
  • Sunday 12:00 noon to 9:30 p.m.


As you walk in, there's a Koi pond which often keeps the kids in your party occupied while you wait for your table.

There is two types of seating, one is the standard dining room style seating where you can order off the menu and the food is prepared in the kitchen and brought out to you.

The other is at the Teppanyaki cooktops where the food is prepared in front of you. This is what we chose on this day.

First I'll list the menus and then show photos of the creation of the food. After each course is made at the grill it's plated to each person sitting at the table.

The menu consists of the following. Page 1 is the cocktails and drinks.

Page 2 and 3 are the main courses.

Page 4 is desserts, kids, and take home items. They do sell all of their sauces in a take home container if you would like to have these items at home.

I ordered the Shrimp Course that starts with Japanese Onion Soup. This soup is always my favorite, no matter which Kobe I go to it's always exactly the same so they have their continuity from one restaurant to another down pat.

The second course is a crisp green salad with their famous ginger salad dressing. I'm not a big fan of ginger typically but this dressing has always been my favorite. It's crisp and clean tasting and has a lot of full bodied flavor.

Now is when it really starts to get interesting. They start with making a large portion of fried rice that will be served to everyone at the table that ordered course meals. It starts with white rice and soy sauce. Then they add seasonings and scrambled eggs.

Next up is the Kobe Noodles and Fresh Vegetables. The vegetables are cooked crisp tender and the noodles are tossed with their own house sauce.

So at this point my plate looks like this and we aren't even to the main course meats yet. So while he continues to cook the proteins you are able to enjoy this part of your meal. You'll notice the three little bowls of sauces. My favorite for everything is the white sauce.

Now on to the proteins which are served with grilled potatoes. A diner at our table is allergic to seafood so he cooked all of the beef and chicken proteins first so as to not cross any seafood with her meal.

It's great to watch the knife skills these chefs have. It's hard though to catch it on film.

Notice the beautiful brown crust developing on the steaks. Color means flavor in food and their steaks always have a lot of flavor and are so tender.

Once all of the beef and chicken proteins were cooked he moved on to the seafood.

Our table had shrimp, scallops and lobster in their meals. The seafood meals are served with grilled mushrooms that I just love.

Sorry for the messy plate photo but I'd already eaten through a good portion of my rice, noodles and veggies and just wanted you to see the beautiful shrimp. I'd guess these at the size range of 16-20 on the shrimp sizing scale. So about the size of your thumb. 16-20 means that there are 16-20 per pound.

All in all our meals were awesome. Just as we expected given every other time we've eaten at a Kobe. 

Hubby and I frequent the Kobe in Orlando. So we were very familiar with their food. And across the board the flavors were what we expected because Kobe does have great control over their cooked items. They can give you the same meal in Tampa as they do anywhere else they are located. They have been open since 1984 and have a ton of experience with this type of dining.

One note, the interaction with your chef greatly depends on the vibe at the table where you are sitting. If the diners are quiet then the chef will be subdued. If they are outgoing and fun he will be too. So make sure that if you want a high energy experience that you are giving off that type of vibe to your chef.

We hope you enjoy this and will visit a Kobe Steakhouse soon.


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