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Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Review - Orlando, FL - July 10, 2019

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Today we are reviewing Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza in Orlando, FL. Located at 8031 Turkey Lake Road, Phone 407-363-9466

Anthony's has 67 locations throughout the US and 27 of those are in Florida, so there might be one near you.

We went to this one years ago just after they opened and hadn't been back, so we decided to give them another try to see how they've progressed over the years. The interior is a little different, more upscale than original. And the food was much better this time. This is one of the reasons we now give new restaurants a little time before we try them. They all need to work out their kinks so giving them a month or so before going to some place new is a great idea.

Anthony's is a lot like your neighborhood pizza place. It's homey with a small bar and plenty of televisions to watch just about any event. The walls are lined with black and white photos of lots of celebrities.

On the wall hangs their beer list.

Their setups are very pizza parlor-esc.

The front side of the menu has the Starters, Soups and Salads, Italian Entrees, Pizzas, Pastas and Calzones.

We ordered two items from the menu. First the Original Chicken Wings, that are Coal Roasted and served with Caramelized onions and Focaccia bread. These were very different from wings that we normally get but they were excellent. Coal roasted with salt and pepper and some herbs so they were tender and juicy with a crisp skin. Served with the caramelized onions (which we also put on our pizza) and two triangles of focaccia bread so that they made a nice appetizer. (Or second main course in our case)

We also ordered one of the Traditional 12" pizzas with Pepperoni.

The sign on the wall says it all. It says Our Pizzas are served Well Done.

They are cooked in a coal fired oven so don't expect them to not have just a little bit of char. This visit our pizza was cooked perfectly. No more char than needed to cook the pizza through. So it was a great pie with lots of pepperoni and cheese, just enough sauce and a little hint of the char from the oven.

The back of the menu is the drinks menu with wine, mixed drinks, beer and soft drinks along with desserts. On this trip we didn't get a dessert because we were stuffed from the wings and pizza we had.

 All in all this was a very awesome meal. We both enjoyed both items very much and would absolutely recommend Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza to friends and family.


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