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Slate review - Orlando, Florida - May 29, 2019

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 Slate is located on Sand Lake Road in Orlando, Florida next to the Trader Joe's. 

8323 W. Sand Lake Road, Orlando, Florida, phone 407-500-7528

Hours of operation are:

  • Happy Hours 5:00 - 6:30
  • Dinner 5:00 until close
  • Lunch - 11:00 until 2:30
  • Brunch - Saturday and Sunday 10:30 until 2:30

 This restaurant is very well appointed, and high in style.

 On this day we sat in the sun room. It's great that they have the pull down blinds so that you can adjust the sun in this portion of the dining room.

One of their signature pieces of equipment is the big copper pizza stove. They also use it to cook other items when they want them to have that wonderful wood fired taste.

On this day we were there for an early dinner. So we were given the Happy hour menu. 

From this menu we chose the Pimento Cheese Hushpuppies. They are served with Jalapeño Jelly. This was a very nice serving size for two people to share as an appetizer. I liked the hushpuppies very much. The Jalapeño Jelly was a little spicy for me but Hubby loved it. So I just chose the one that wasn't in as much jelly. The hushpuppy was perfectly cooked and very yummy.

The back of the Happy Hour menu had drinks.

They also have two menus for Cocktails, these are $10 Hand Crafted cocktails.

Then there are also $12 hand crafted cocktails.

This is the front of their Dinner menu.

From this menu we decided we'd share the Roasted Snapper (this was served as two pieces which were ample big enough as a share with the other food we ordered) is a flaky white fish with a mild flavor, it's served with Cornmeal Spoonbread (spoon bread is similar to a cross between cornbread and a custard) I could have eaten a dozen of these, Warm Zucchini Noodles (these were perfectly cooked), and coated in Lemongrass Rosemary Bread Crumbs. The sauce on the plate also contained lemongrass and was a nice white sauce.

We also shared something that wasn't on the menu but was a special of the day. This is two skewers of beef with onions and peppers that was cooked in the big copper pizza oven for it's noticeable char. The sauce was to die for, it was a reduction of pineapple juice, champagne vinegar and cherry peppers. So it had all the sweet, tart and spicy notes.

And I couldn't resist getting a side of Mac & Cheese. Who doesn't love mac and cheese? This skillet is about 7" in diameter and is a plentiful portion for sharing with others at the table. Although I could have made it my whole meal it was that good. We did end up taking some of this home which I reheated the next day. So the secret to reheating mac and cheese, is that if it breaks (meaning the oil and cheese separate) during heating just add a splash of milk and stir like crazy. It will bring it all back together. It will be a little thinner sauce but will still taste as good.

The back of the menu is the wine menu.

Then we moved on to the dessert menu. See, this is why we share entrees.

From this menu we chose the Peanut Butter Mousse Puffs. They are a cream puff with peanut butter mousse that are drizzled with chocolate and sea salt caramel and served with a scoop of Truffles Ice Cream that is house made. And yes that's a big spoon mark in the ice cream. We almost forgot to take a photo we were so excited to dig in to this. These were absolutely yummy. If you love peanut butter and chocolate they are a big hit.

The back of the dessert menu is the dessert drinks.

We didn't have any kids with us but the waiter (Jeff, who was absolutely awesome) was nice enough to bring over some of their other menus for us to photograph. Shout out to Jeff, he's embarking on a new career soon. We wish him lots of luck in his endeavor as a Flight attendant. Go Jeff!

Here's the kids menu.

He also brought us the Lunch menu.

And the Brunch Menu

Slate has a beautiful exterior as well with lots of fountains.

This was the second time we were here, the first time was just after they opened a few years ago. They had some growing pains back then, but what restaurant doesn't. We've learned to let places be open for a while before trying them to give them some room to breathe first. This time the experience was one that would have us coming back for sure. So if you are in the area, give Slate a try.


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