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Disney's The Daily Poutine with Recipe

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As you know from reading my first blog post I’ve recently found out I’m sensitive and intolerant to 25 foods. Part of my journey is about how it’s changed the way I eat both at home and when dining out. Since my husband and I ate out frequently before the pandemic it’s been a life style change for sure. Now that we are able to occasionally go out to eat it’s a bit of a struggle in some places to find something that doesn’t have one or the other of my sensitive foods.

Some of my posts will be about things I cook at home and some will be about things I have when eating out. I’ll try to do a “homemade” recipe for these things when I can so that even if you can’t go out you can make some of the items at home as well.

Having a background in cooking and eating out at least I’m familiar with what ingredients are typically in a specific dish or now what ingredients are in a particular ingredient as well. I know that I cannot have most Asian dishes as they include soy sauce, and soy sauce has wheat which I react horribly to. But typically I can find something on any menu that will work for me.

When I know I’m going out to eat the first thing I do is check online for any allergy menus for that restaurant. This way I am prepared even before going to the restaurant what my options are and what might work if I can have them leave something off. It also lets me know what questions I might need to ask before placing my order so I’m fully prepared once I get there and don’t take up a lot of the waitresses time. I am sure to ask for the allergy menu because this alerts them that I have some food requirements. Then I explain to them that I’m not allergic, I am sensitive to the foods that are on my list and would prefer to not feel crummy for the next 3 days if at all possible. So that they know it’s not going to be life threatening but I have questions about ingredients.

When they don’t have a dedicated allergy menu I know I need to really scrutinize the menu before ordering. You never know when something is hidden from the description. 

Today’s post is about one of the fast food places at Disney Springs. The Daily Poutine. We were recently at Disney Springs walking around and I thought it would be nice to get something to eat while we were there. So in checking their menu I noticed that there was not an allergy portion to their menu but that they do a pretty good job of telling you what’s in a particular dish.

Here are the current offerings at The Daily Poutine, just keep in mind that the menu can change at any time.

From this list and my sensitivities I can safely have the following:

Italian Poutine and Loaded Frites (oh by the way the Loaded Frites, is very reminiscent of the Figaro Fries that they use to serve at Pinocchio Village Haus at Magic Kingdom that have been gone for years now).

The Canadian Poutine, includes Gravy that may or may not include wheat.

The New Delhi Poutine, includes Curry.

The Korean Barbecue, includes Asian pulled pork that may or may not include soy sauce that has wheat.

We chose the Loaded Frites for this day to share as we weren’t super hungry and like to eat smaller portions when possible.

The Loaded Frites were actually very good. It was a nice snack for us. So I decided to see if I could recreate it at home. Here’s how it turned out. This time we didn’t share. :-)

My favorites are crinkle fries and I always have a big bag of them in the freezer from BJ’s. I use the Oreida Brand and put them in my Air Fryer. 350 degrees for 9 minutes, shake and 8 minutes more.

They also have Oreida Steak fries if you prefer something that is closer to what The Daily Poutine sells.

I use Pace Queso Blanco for our nachos at home so I had it on hand as well. (I recently realized that the Pace Queso Blanco does contain Maltodextrin which can be made from corn, rice, potato starch, or wheat, they don't specify but so far I've not had any reactions from this product so I'm guessing this one does no have wheat in it but cannot say that for sure. Only that I don't react to it.)

I'll include my recipe here. I hope you enjoy. If you've never had Figaro Fries at Magic Kingdom in Disney World you should try them at least once. It may sound strange but really it's good.



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