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Flower and Garden Food at EPCOT Review - April 3, 2019 (multiple post part 3)

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This is the final post for the Flower and Garden Series blog posts. So this will conclude all of the information I have about this event at this time.

We start off with the menu boards for the Smokehouse Barbecue and Brews at the American Pavilion. 

On this particular day we did not have anything from this hut. But typically we have one of each item when we pass by here. Everything on the menu is awesome. The only reason we didn't eat from here on this day was because we were trying to have items that were new to us.

And this photo is for my sister-in-law as I know how much she loves Sunflowers. 

Our next stop was the Primavera Kitchen that is near Italy. Normally we don't stop at this one because it's usually got the longest line. Children seem to like the pasta and pizza dishes so it's a good bet if you have kids with you. 

We had the Tri-Colored Cheese Tortellini with sage butter and chicken veloute. What is veloute? It's a rich white sauce made with either chicken, veal, pork or fish stock, thickened with cream and egg yolks. 

This dish was as any pasta dish can be expected. Cooked perfectly and seasoned well. With a dusting of parmesan cheese on top.

 While we were in line a saw a guy with a great idea. Instead of having a signing book for the characters he has a cap. What a great idea and something you don't have to carry around all day.

Next was the Bauernmarkt, German Farmer's Market at the Germany Pavilion. 

 We didn't eat at this hut this day because we have eaten all of the items on this menu before, many many times. They are always great.

I didn't get a picture of the menu board with the photos because there was a band playing and so many people were standing around the menu board that I couldn't get any where near it. Maybe next time we go I'll grab a photo and update at that time.

Next on our stop is the China Pavilion. If you are walking by the ponds out front and take a look, a really close look, in the ponds. Most of the time you can see giant tadpoles. They turn in to really big frogs eventually. But we like looking for the tadpoles. They are about 1-1/2" in diameter and 3" to 4" long. They like hiding under the water lilies. Sometimes you'll catch a glimpse of the frogs. But usually it's just the tadpoles. Spring is a good time to find them.

While we are on the subject of the China Pavilion. We always stop into the store there and get one of their really great drinks. They can be found in a refrigerator or in an ice trough near the cash register. They have flavors like, mango, pineapple, green apple and lychee. This day we had the Lychee. We have to stop every time we go to EPCOT to get one of these. And yes, the can is clear plastic.

The other best buy in EPCOT is in this little store as well. If you are here anytime of year you might want to save $10 out of your spending budget and buy a fan. We have so many of these and take them to all of the parks with us. It's the best $10 you'll spend at Disney.

At the China Pavilion there is the Lotus House hut.

We have had everything on this menu board in previous years and they all are favorites of ours. 

But this year they added a little side hut to this and the line is so long you really, really have to want what they are selling. The line was so long the closest I could get to the menu board was from the side.


They are making specialty cotton candy. Now some of you know that I'm pretty adept at cotton candy. But I have never tried to do anything like this. But I do know that Florida's humidity doesn't play nicely with cotton candy so unless you have someone to help you eat one of these you probably have about 5 minutes before the humidity gets to it. So if you get one, eat it fast.

Next up was Jardin de Fiestas at the Mexico Pavilion

We have had all of the food at this hut in years past as well, and the line here is longer than most because this is where you can get margaritas and sangria.

The next hut was a new hut Trowel & Trellis.

We opted for dessert by this time and chose the Chocolate Pudding Terrarium. It's served with Avocado cream, matcha crumb, pomegranate and baby herbs. It's really a pretty thing to see.

And before you go, ewwwww, avocado cream in a chocolate pudding. Don't knock it, you can't taste the avocado and it's an added beneficial ingredient. I took another closer photo from the top so you can see all that's going on inside.

Matcha is a finely ground powder of green tea, the little seeds I believe are chia which are very good for you. The red ones are the pomegranate seeds and yes the flowers are edible. I did eat them.

This was a wonderful chocolatey tasting pudding with a little crunch here and there. The chia seeds are in a pomegranate gelee. 

Had we not been getting full we absolutely would have tried the street corn. They had a corn exhibit near this hut.


Last up is the La Isla Fresca hut.

We have had everything on this menu before as well. So we passed it by today. We would do them again if we weren't looking for new items.

On our way out we had to stop at Club Cool. It's next to the big fountain. Why? 

Because we love to sample the Coca-Cola products from around the world. Where else can you try these?

I found some memorabilia items from previous Flower and Garden Festivals in our items. 

If you go to any of the horticulture classes you get to take home the plant that you are planting that day and usually they give you a tote bag to carry it around in. I'm not sure what year this was from.

It folds up to look like this.

I have two more of these bags but not sure what years they are from as they are not marked.

I also found a couple of previous years brochures. 

This is 2018.

This is 2017.

I know we have more of these but at the current time I haven't come across the rest of them. I'll update when I locate them.

This year the pass holder exclusive gift is a magnet of Pluto for March and Daisy for April. We thought we already had Pluto so we didn't stop for the magnet only to realize when we got home that we didn't have it. Bummer.

But in years past the pass holder gifts were different. A few years ago it was a series of three lithographs.

So that brings this blog post to an end. If you get a chance to try out the Flower and Garden festival let me know what you had and if you liked it in the comments below.

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