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MacGuffin's Review at Disney Springs WestSide - May 14, 2019

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We are 5 miles due east from the Castle at Magic Kingdom and it is raining so hard today with some very aggressive lightning strikes. So wish me luck that I get this finished before the power goes out.

Here's the radar right now.


Today we are blogging about a well kept secret at Disney Springs. 

MacGuffin's is located inside the AMC 24 Theaters at Disney Springs WestSide.

If you enter through the eastern most entrance to the theaters you will see these doors.

Outside you'll see seating. Did you ever wonder why there were tables and chairs outside of a theater?

That's because inside there is a full restaurant that is for the AMC Dine in Theaters disguised as a bar. But you can go in and enjoy the food even if you aren't seeing a movie.

On this day they had a specials menu that included a special Avengers cocktail since the Avengers movie was just opening.

The back of the specials menu has seasonal offerings.

Then they have a full menu to select from. Here's the current cover. I did notice when looking at the menu in the My Disney Experience App that the offerings there were much different than what is in the current menu. So keep that in mind if you are looking at the app.

The first inside page has Snacks and Shares and Wings.

From this menu page we ordered one of our favorites. The Big Bite Sampler. This sampler platter includes Ultimate nachos, Boneless Wings, Dry Rub Bone in Wings and Pretzel Bites served with house-made Ranch dipping sauce and cheddar cheese and honey-dijon dipping sauces.

The Ultimate Nachos have cheese sauce, pico de gallo olives, sour cream guacamole and Cilantro. Yep, cilantro, you know we don't like cilantro. We picked off most of it and have sense learned to ask if we don't like cilantro is there anything on the menu we should stay clear of. That way it gives them an opportunity to warn us of items that include it that may not state so on the menu. Sometimes we forget to ask. We aren't allergic but really the taste is like soap to us so anything it touches turns soapy. Not pleasant really. But we liked these so much that we muddled through. Next time we will ask for the cilantro to be left off.

The pretzel bites are great, they were warm and soft and there were 6 of them in the little bowl. They paired perfectly with the cheddar cheese and honey-dijon dipping sauces.

These are the dry rub bone in chicken wings. They are fried naked and the dry rub has a barbecue taste to it. There were 4 of these on the platter.

 These are the boneless wings, batter fried and super crispy. They were perfectly cooked and great dipped in any of the dipping sauces.

The next page of the menu is where you will find Sushi, Flatbreads, and Favorites.

The next page is Bowls, Salads and Wraps.

 This page is Burgers and Sandwiches.

 The last inside page is the Sweets, Kids Menu and Movie Treats.

The back of the menu is the non-alcohol drinks menu.

 So you can see they have a very extensive menu. So if you are looking for a place to eat at Disney Springs that may not be as crowded as some of the others. Give MacGuffin's a try. They have great food.

We were strolling around Disney Springs WestSide and stumbled upon the cutest little cake pops in the window of the Candy Cauldron just a few steps from MacGuffin's. So we thought we'd share a photo of them. We didn't buy any as we were pretty full, but maybe next time.


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