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Savannah Bee Company - Disney Springs - June 5, 2019

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 So since I did a short post earlier today I thought I'd do another short one for today. Both locations are in Disney Springs at Walt Disney World.

This is Savannah Bee Company. It's a cute little shop that sells, what else, Honey? Lots and lots of honey and items made with honey. 

 It's located across from Paradiso 37 and was the stop we made on our way out the other day. Savannah Bee Company has been a favorite of mine for many years. I was very happy to see they had a store opening in Disney Springs as I've ordered from them online for about 10 years now. The first time I experienced the Savannah Bee Company honey was at a Flower and Garden event. The owner Ted Dennard was giving a talk about honey and I signed up. He's a great guy. And very easy to talk to if you ever meet him. I learned a lot that day. One thing I really never thought about is that once a queen chooses a flower for their hive, all bees will only go to that flower. This is why there is specific honey flavors. Like Orange Blossom, Tupelo, Acacia, Lavender. It makes sense, but I'd never really stopped to think about it in that way until he mentioned it in his talk about honey. So if you stop by the store and don't know which flavor you'd like best, they will let you taste each one of them. Just ask for some help and they will be glad to give assistance. This honey is beautifully bottled and makes a wonderful gift for any foodie.

One of the things I didn't purchase on this day because I already have some at home is their honey comb. It's absolutely astonishing with cheese. This last Valentine's day I couldn't decide where to go out to eat because it's a mad house here on Valentine's day. So I decided that we'd stay home and I made a Charcuterie board (what is a Charcuterie Board? It's a board of meats, cheeses, fruits, nuts, accompaniments, breads and crackers). On that board we had the Savannah Bee Company tupelo honey, and not shown in this photo because it was in it's plastic case, was the honey comb.

I buy them two at a time so I photographed the one that was unopened as the other one has almost been devoured.

On this day though we bought a little sampler of their new whipped honeys with flavors. This trio is Chocolate, Cinnamon and Lemon. We wanted to try them out before committing to a larger jar. And they are all great, I prefer them just on a spoon, but I'm sure that some of them would be really great on biscuits, or toast. My favorite is the Lemon. I bet it would be great as a cookie filling. But for now I sit with my little spoon and enjoy the wonderful taste of honey.

So if you are walking around in Disney Springs, and you like honey. Make sure to stop in at the Savannah Bee Company store. There's a lot to see, they even sell things like soap, shampoo, lip gloss, lotions and body butter.


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