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Special Edition Post - RunDisney Star Wars Weekend - April 5, 2019

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This weekend is the weekend of the Star Wars Dark Side RunDisney runs. We have done these runs in the past so I thought I'd share some information about them.

I hope everyone doing the run today (shout out to Abby and her boys) had a great time even though it was raining this morning. 

Disney World has 4 different run events each year plus two Virtual run events each year. At this time the Disneyland run events are on hold while there is a lot of construction at Disneyland with the new Star Wars Land being built there.

We started doing RunDisney event runs in 2011. Here's a photo of all of our RunDisney Medals to date. There are two of each because we always run together.


The Inaugural Star Wars RunDisney event was in 2016. We did what is called the Challenge series that year. This is running a 10k on Saturday (6.2 miles) and a half marathon on Sunday (13.1 miles) for a total of 19.3 miles in two days. I'm not great at running, I do more walk/run than anything but I have completed every run that we've done. If you don't keep at least a 16 minute mile going they will sweep you to the finish line. As they do have a park to run so they can't wait all day for people to finish the race.

The inaugural Star Wars Run event in 2016 consisted of kids races, a 5k, a 10k and a half marathon.

Here are the photos of the shirts and medals that we received.

The 10k

The half marathon

With it's two sided medal.

And the Challenge, this is when you run both races in two days you qualify for a third medal and shirt.

In 2017 we only did the 10k run.

The medal looks like this.

Then in 2018 we decided that we'd do the Virtual Half marathon instead of the actual RunDisney Event.

What is that? It's a RunDisney event where you decide when and where you are going to do the miles. You can do them all at once, you can break them up and do them in smaller chunks. It doesn't matter. You will get a finisher medal at the end of the timeframe once you put in your time. 

We did the 2018 Virtual Half Marathon. This is the medal we received.

We just finished the 2019 Virtual Half Marathon in March. So we are awaiting that medal and I will append the blog post once we have it.

Good luck to all the runners this next weekend. Have fun and make it memorable. 

News note: It looks like this morning's 5k run was delayed due to inclement weather. Disney does take lightning strikes very seriously when they have thousands of people standing out in the open parking lots. They move them all to safer locations and if the weather improves by a reasonable time they will start the race late. Sometimes the race is truncated so that it can finish on time. But the participants all get their run medals at the finish no matter what they decide to do. They've not ever canceled a race completely but I think this is the third race in their history to be delayed and truncated due to weather.

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