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The journey my husband and I took eating at every place at Disney World that serves food. (updated April 2, 2019)

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This journey has taken us a lot of years, more than we'd like to count. But we just finished our list of eating at every place on Disney World Property that serves food this last Saturday. That includes all Restaurants, walk ups, and food carts in every nook and cranny of Disney World Property. Well until the next restaurant opens and there are 10 new ones slated to open this year. To date my husband and I have eaten at 349 Disney restaurants on both coasts and at some of their Disney Vacation Club resorts, many of them more than once (this is on top of having eaten at most of the restaurants in the Restaurant Row area of Orlando). 32 of the Disney restaurants are no longer in operation and have either been closed or replaced with something new so we might refer to the older version in our posts so that you get some background. There are 317 on the current list but there are 10 new ones coming this year. We have one very special one planned for our "last" cherry on top restaurant. Something that's very hard to get a reservation for. But I was determined to have it be the last stop on our journey. We have a reservation at Victoria and Albert's Chef's Table this Saturday. We have been fortunate enough to eat at Victoria and Albert's before but never at the chef's table. So this is a very special treat for us.

The main question we get asked a lot is "what is your favorite"? That's easy to answer but the answer doesn't help. the answer is: It's hard to say which is our favorite as chefs change, so the menus change. Also new ones open and those are added into the mix. So it's ever changing. 

We didn't start this blog until we were finished with all of them. Because we didn't want people to think that our opinions were biased in any way by making money. We just wanted to enjoy all of them. And that we did. From the food carts, and walk ups to the sit downs and full restaurants. We've done them all.

If you have any questions about any of the food at Disney World we'd be happy to answer them. 

Why did we do it? Because we love food. We are fortunate enough to live not far from Disney World, we are Disney Vacation Club Owners and have the ability to visit the parks often. 

Many years ago, 17 to be exact, we started this journey. We took 2 years, and at the time ate at all 189 Disney World food service locations. Disney World wasn't growing much back then but then a few years ago they started a huge growth spurt and soon we found ourselves behind in where we had eaten. So we decided to do all of the places we hadn't eaten before. Most of these were grills near the hotel swimming pools as since we are locals we don't often stay on property at Disney World. But we do go to their hotels often to walk around and enjoy the scenery. We just didn't frequent their pools. So most of the last part of our list was those types of places. And we've found some hidden gems.

We decided that once we were finished we'd start this blog. Chronicling our second circumnavigation of the Disney World Restaurants. This time including information we hadn't thought of originally. So look for insights. Helpful tips and some recipes hopefully. Some by the chefs themselves and some are ones that I've created to mimic what we had there. Just to give you a taste of Disney at home.

The funny thing is where we live there are probably 500-600 restaurants in a 5 mile radius of our home. Half of them are at Disney and the other half are in the Restaurant Row area of Orlando. We never counted how many of those we've eaten at. But it's a lot. So if you have any questions about restaurants in or around Disney we'd be happy to answer them if we can.

So this is the beginning of our Dining at Disney Blog. We might add some other tidbits that don't relate to food at Disney. Things we have learned or seen that others might miss. We can't count the number of times we've been to the parks. So we've seen a lot. Neither of us work for Disney so this is in no way affiliated with the Walt Disney company. We are just big fans of what he managed to accomplish.

Here's some recent Disney News that we've come across from different sources...

  • Disney is removing the hexagonal bricks at the entrance of Magic Kingdom. These bricks were supposed to be on display until 2011. But remained there even longer. The entrance is being reconfigured and these bricks are not able to be removed individually so they will be offering those people a commemorative brick if they so choose to purchase one.
  • There are new signs in the parking lot of Hollywood Studios and the new bus terminals are now open at the entrance of the park. If you haven't been to Hollywood Studios in a while the entrance has been undergoing a big change. They are adding the gondolas to this park (called the Disney Skyliner) that will take you to Caribbean Beach Resort, Epcot, and Pop Century Resorts and Art of Animation Resort.
  • Jaleo opened it's doors on March 17th in Disney Springs West Side. It's across from Splitsville Bowling Alley. We haven't gotten a reservation there yet but it's on our list.  
  • They also have a walk up called Pepe. We will be letting you know what we think of that soon. 
  • Pepe - Disney Springs West Side


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  • Thanks Nancy for the vote of confidence. I’m sure that’s above my pay grade. But I do love food.

    ThingsVerySpecial on
  • The Orlando Sentinel’s restaurant critic recently resigned. I think you should apply for the position!! Wonderful descriptions!!

    Nancy Colaci on
  • ‘Circumnavigation of Disney World restaurants’! Sounds like yummy fun to me!
    Enjoying this already!

    Julie Chambers on
  • Great idea. Can’t wait to read the reviews and get insights on the hidden gems.

    Clark Baxley on

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