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Culver's Review - Orlando, FL - April 19, 2019

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Today's review is about Culver's. Culver's first opened in 1984 In Wisconsin and as of February of this year has 695 locations in 24 states. Our Culver's is located at 4591 Power Center Lane near the Mall of Millenia, by a strip mall that houses Academy sports and Costco. We go here almost every time we are in the area.

We love our Culver's. It's always very clean and the staff are very friendly. Culver's is franchised. So while our experience here is always wonderful, we did stop at one near Tampa and the experience was not the same.

For being a quick walk up restaurant with a drive thru it does have a pretty diverse menu. Every day they have a flavor of the day for their Frozen Custard. I always go with the flavor of the day (unless it's coffee, I don't like coffee) that way I get to try lots of new flavors.

On this particular day this was the specials board that was on the counter.

Here are the menu boards.




 They also have frozen custard by the pint that you can purchase from a freezer in the dining room.

My favorite drink is their own recipe root beer, available in diet as well.

 After you place your order, you will be given a number, all of the food is made to order so they will bring it out to you when it's ready. You get your drinks and condiments.

Our dining room is always very clean. They have music playing and tv screens showing the specials and food items.

Because we aren't really big eaters, we usually share the Double Bacon Deluxe, then order an extra drink and two frozen custards. Sometimes we add an additional side order of onion rings or cheese curds. Today we added a side of coleslaw.

I must say that out of all of the fries that are out there my favorites have always been crinkle cut. They are the ones that get the most crispy on the outside, while still fluffy on the inside, and all of the ridges help to hold lots of ketchup. The burger is perfectly cooked with a great grill char on the two patties giving this burger a wonderful meaty flavor. The bun is buttered and toasted and it's served with your choice of toppings. This one is lettuce, tomato and pickle with mayo.


This was the first time having the coleslaw (this was a small size) and it was wonderful. It had a good amount of dressing and was made from the green parts of the cabbage not just the white parts. (some restaurants only use the white parts and it is bitter)

We both had the same frozen custard, the flavor of the day which was turtle. This is a single scoop cup. Just the right amount after a meal for a sweet ending.

All in all we love our Culver's. If your Culver's doesn't meet your expectations send them a link to this review so they can see what a really well run Culver's looks like.

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