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Seasons 52 Review - Orlando, FL - May 6, 2019

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Seasons 52 is located at 7700 W. Sand Lake Road in Orlando. Their hours are 11:30 a.m to 10:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Phone number if you need it is 407-354-5212. It's located in the Plaza Venezia shopping Center. This restaurant is one of our go to favorites.

On the day were were here they were showing a special Mother's Day Brunch coming up.

This restaurant is light and open. With a large lake out back. It's in a perfect setting. 

Seasons 52 has an open kitchen that is viewable from the dining room.

It also has a large bar area. There are tables in this area also.

The Menu is two sided, with food items on the front.

With Wine and Cocktails on the back of the Menu.

On this visit hubby started with the Monk in the Trunk Organic Amber Ale.

Our starter for this evening was the Grilled Artichokes with Preserved Lemon Hummus. What are preserved lemons? They are lemons that are pickled in a brine of lemon juice, water and salt, sometimes spices are added. We enjoyed this starter as it did have something for both of us. I love artichokes and they were grilled very nicely. Hubby likes hummus and olives so he was happy to have that portion of the appetizer. The hummus was very nice, had a little bit of chunkiness I'm not use to in a hummus and was very good.

Hubby had the Wood Grilled Pork Tenderloin, it's served with spiced roasted cauliflower and sweet potato mash, with shallot-herb jus. I did taste the veggies on this plate and they were very good. The sweet potatoes were a nice accompaniment to the pork and the cauliflower was just dusted with spices.

I had the Caramelized Grilled Sea Scallops that is served with roasted garlic broccolini and goat cheese risotto. The broccolini was cooked just right and didn't have too much garlic on it. The scallops were grilled perfectly and the risotto was a little loose but had a great flavor. The green herbs in the risotto was parsley, I originally thought it was cilantro and was very glad that it wasn't.

Seasons 52 is well known for its tiny little desserts. They use to have a selection of 13 different options. And I have been known to order the entire flight of them as my birthday cake. On this night they had 6. Did you know that you can actually get these to go? They will send you home with the little glass for an additional $1.00. So if you cannot bring yourself to have a dessert there by all means get one or two or six to go.

This was our selection for this evening. Left is Smores, Center is Pecan Pie Cheesecake, and Right is Chocolate Peanut Butter.

All of our desserts were delightful. They are just small enough that you can share 2 or 3. I did miss the little dessert spoons this evening though. I don't know if the still have them, but the last time we were there they had the cutest little spoons.

Needless to say, as you can probably tell, we enjoy Seasons 52 a lot. It's never let us down over the years and we've probably dined here 15 or more times. So if you are in the neighborhood by all means stop in and enjoy a great meal.


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