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Huey Magoo's Chicken Tenders Review - Gardens on Millenia - Orlando, FL - May 13, 2019

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So Sunday we were out an about running errands and decided to try someplace new for us. This Huey Magoo's is located next door the the Culver's that we blogged about previously. 

We hadn't eaten here but who doesn't like chicken tenders. So we wanted to see what it was all about. Boy were we pleasantly surprised. It's amazing some of the nice places you can find when you go outside your comfort zone.

It's sort of a take on a wing place but instead of offering wings it's all boneless chicken tenders. So they are sauced like wings if you want them sauced. And can be ordered grilled or battered and fried like wings. But you don't have the bones to contend with.

This Huey Magoo's (there are several of them, it's a franchise opportunity and there are 8 in the Orlando and vicinity area) opened about 2 years ago as per the Assistant Manager. She was so helpful in answering questions and helping us with ordering our first time.

The dining room is light and bright and was very clean. They had a mix of 1/2 booths, tables and high tops. And the high top by the window has outlets for charging your mobile device.

If it's your first time there, they will help with questions and ordering. They were very helpful for us. I'm sure we looked like deer in headlights.

There are menus on the wall by where you order, but I picked up a to go menu so I could photograph it more easily. 

From this menu portion we chose the Tenders for 2 meal. It includes 8 tenders which you can have 4 one way and 4 another. We had 4 grilled with the Sweet Heat sauce and 4 batter fried with the buffalo sauce. Then 2 regular sides which we chose french fries and cole slaw and 2 Magoo's Dips. We chose Blue Cheese and Ranch. And Texas Toast. I forgot to move the Texas Toast and didn't get a shot of all of the awesome Crinkle fries (you know they are my favorite fries) that were on the tray. It was from one side to the other below the Texas Toast.

The Buffalo tenders were perfect. Not too hot but not mild either. So a good medium I'd say. They paired well with both the ranch and blue cheese dip. The Sweet Heat (think Asian Sweet Chili Sauce) was great and there was plenty on the tenders. The Cole Slaw was a perfect mix of cabbage and carrots with just enough dressing to make it not too wet but a good consistency. The Texas Toast was an awesome addition that I usually only see in Barbecue restaurants. But it was a nice addition to this meal.

As you can see there was a lot of food. And nothing was left when we got finished.

The back of the menu has Sandwiches, Wraps and Kids Meals.

They had one of the fancy CocaCola Machines where you can have one of hundreds of sodas.

The condiment station was neat and clean.

All in all we'd absolutely go back here and put it on our list of places to go frequently. We even found out there's one in our neighborhood that we didn't know was there, in Dr. Phillips. So we will check that one out too.


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