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Animal Kingdom Tasting Sampler Review - Animal Kingdom - Walt Disney World - April 16, 2019 - Part 1

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Today we are reviewing the first part of the review for the Animal Kingdom Tasting Sampler.

While we didn't purchase the sampler offer it's not necessary to purchase it to enjoy the items at the food carts in Animal Kingdom. If you do purchase the Tasting Sampler offer you do get an additional $10 card to use in the evening at select quick service restaurants. The offer is $50 and doesn't expire. But the $10 card does expire on April 22nd. To see more about this offer visit the web site on this information card. 

As I mentioned it's not necessary to purchase the offer, as the items at the food carts are the same price with or without the offer, and since we weren't staying for dinner we didn't feel the extra $10 would be beneficial for us. If you are planning a whole day at the park it might be beneficial for you. Also if you wanted to you could purchase just one offer and use it for items that you share from the food carts. Then purchase another if you need to. It's not necessary to purchase one for each person. 

This offer reminds me of one that they had many years ago, it was pre dining plan days.This was the Animal Kingdom Meal Plus Certificate. We did this sometime between 2002 and 2004 when they discontinued it. It included One counter service entree plus a beverage at any of the following: Animal Kingdom counter service restaurants: Restaurantosaurus, Flame Tree Barbecue, Pizzafari, Tusker House. One box of popcorn or an ice cream bar. One bottled drink (soda or water). All we have left is the stub that was at the end of the ticket, it was in three pieces. You used the first piece to pay for your meal and drink, then the second piece to pay for your snack and then the last one was for the drink later in the day.


They've also done another one that was the Picnic in the park. This was an offer that you pre-paid for your meal early in the day and selected a time to come back to pick it up. The meal for two was $17.99, the meal for three was $24.99 and the meal for four was $32.99. Then you picked it up at a designated location and it included the food, drinks, plates, napkins, and eating utensils and you found a place in the park to eat it. We use to take this to a little walkway that was at the end of the exit of the Tough to be a Bug ride. This little walkway has since been closed off but it was quiet and had a little bench at the end of it where you could sit and watch people as they left the ride and see the waterfall.

 Animal Kingdom is celebrating it's 20th year and Earth day it will be 21 years.

In 2013 we went over on Earth day and they were giving out these buttons. 

Our first stop this day was at the Warung Outpost as we were thirsty and waiting to go into our show, more on the show later.

This permanent food cart only serves beverages.

They did have a special alcohol drink for the Tasting Sampler however it looked like the same description as the Triple Yeti Blast. It was called the Himalayan explorer.

We opted for bottled water at this time as it was before lunch time for us.

We did arrive a little early as we were able to get a fast pass for Up! A Great Bird Adventure so I thought I'd touch on that too today.

Located between Asia and Africa in Animal Kingdom is Up! A Great Bird Adventure. It's in the same location as the Flights of Wonder use to be and I was happy to see many nods to the old show. There were several posters still on display in the area.

The queue of the show is great if you have time to look around. There's so much culture and things to see.

Our Fast Pass told us to be there between 11:30 and 11:45. The show times were shown on a board when we got to the show.

I loved the artwork outside the show. They've done an excellent job with this.

While we were waiting there is a little covered area with some tables right across from the queue to this show. It's got a great place to take photos of the tree of life from here.

It sits half way between the bridge to the safari and the bridge to Asia.

The show's stage is beautiful and you will see many things happening all around it. We won't go into what the show is but it is a great show for small children to older adults. We don't want to spoil it for you.

The advantage of having a Fast Pass is that they seat you in the middle rows of the theater once you get in. Even though every seat is great in this theater the middle really does give you a great vantage point. All of the seating is under cover. So you are in the shade.

The show has been revamped and is now hosted by Russel and Doug from Up!.

 After our show we started to do some serious eating.

First we went over the bridge to Discovery Island.

To the Eight Spoon Cafe.

Here's their menu.

 We opted for the Baked Macaroni and Cheese with Shrimp and Sweet Chili Sauce.

This was a fantastic mac and cheese, the shrimp were cooked just tender and there were three large shrimp in the order. The taste of the sweet chili sauce with the mac and cheese was different, but I liked it a lot. Hubby didn't like it as much but I would absolutely eat this again and again.

This dish could be replicated at home. Just use your favorite mac and cheese recipe, even if it's from a box. Pan sauté a few shrimp and put sweet chili sauce and sliced scallions on top. Sweet chili sauce can be found in the ethnic aisle of  your grocery store. And it's pretty awesome on just about anything.

In a previous visit we did have the Mac and Cheese with Pulled Pork, this was great as I remember.

I'm going to continue this post tomorrow as we have 4 more dining locations to discuss.

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