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Animal Kingdom Tasting Sampler Review Part 2 - Animal Kingdom - Walt Disney World - April 17, 2019

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Today we are finishing up the review of the Animal Kingdom Tasting Sampler.

As we continue on we did not eat at the Smiling Crocodile as we've eaten there before and wanted to try some new items.

Here's their menu board.

The next location is the Feeding Ground.

We did not eat here either as it's really mostly popcorn and drinks.

They were featuring an Animal Kingdom Canteen though.

Isle of Java was up next and we also bypassed this one.

It's coffees, and breakfast type items. We have had the elephant ear here previously but were looking forward to other items offered today.

Next up was Tril-o-bites. Now we are getting into some food.

The menu board for Tril-o-bites. They have mostly ice cream and drinks.

They were offering the Buffalo Chicken Chips. Since we hadn't had those before we tried them. These were really a darn good large size sharable snack. Made with kettle chips, buffalo chicken, celery and tomatoes with blue cheese dressing. We enjoyed these and would absolutely eat them again.

We also had the Scrooge McDuck's Billionaire Bacon Caramel Sundae. Vanilla soft serve with caramel and bacon covered in whipped cream and gold dusted chocolate chips. We liked the smokiness of the bacon with the ice cream, but for my taste I would have liked the bacon to be crispier and crumbled so that you could get a little in each bite. The bacon was pieces about 2 inches long so they were more of a size where you ate bacon then had ice cream, then ate bacon and so on. All in all this was great though.

 Next up was Dino-bite Snacks, located just outside Restaurantasaurus in Dino land.

This is mostly ice cream and drinks as well. But here it is hand scooped.


They had a special that we just had to try.

The Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Sandwich. Let me tell you, this was immense. The sugar cookie is roughly 6" in diameter and is topped with red sugar crystals, it's filled with 3 scoops of strawberry ice cream and then rolled in strawberry cake crumbs. So bring a friend or two to help with this one.


As we were leaving here we noticed that they had signs up for a new (most likely during spring break for the heavier crowds) location.

They said Lite Bites. But here's the menu. It looks like meal size items to me. Since we were eating at several places we didn't try any of these but may return on another day to try them.

Next up is the Dino Diner near the Primeval Whirl

We didn't eat here as we have eaten here before. We've had the chili cheese dogs here before. They are good and messy.

Now we've come full circle and are back on the road between Asia and Africa. Next up was Mr. Kamal's.

While we've eaten here before we didn't remember the chicken dumplings being the menu. Ours were just a tad over cooked but still good and very crispy.

Next right across from Mr. Kamal's is Caravan Road.


We opted for the Pork Bao. It was shredded pork in Hoisin sauce with pickled vegetables on a steamed Bao Bun. It had great flavors and we were glad it wasn't too big as we were getting full. The bao bun is about 4" round to give you size. 

 That ends the eating portion of our trip. But here's some additional tidbits.

Even though my photos of the food carts seem to be empty and void of lines don't let it fool you. The crowds that day were pretty heavy. I just try really hard to get photos that don't include people. But this I took on our way out.

I was able to get a great shot of Mount Everest.

And we took a walk through the stores on our way out to soak up some air conditioning. I found two items that piqued my interest. This shirt that would be great for anyone that eats their way around Disney.

And since Dumbo has just been released in live action they had the cutest plushes of Mrs. Jumbo and Dumbo. They come as a set.

With Earth Day coming up next week they had a display at the front of the park of a big (and I do mean big, probably 9 feet tall) penguin made out of trash.

Here's the sign that explains it.

 And a few close ups


In the News today:

They mentioned that Hollywood Studios is planning some special events to celebrate their 30th Anniversary on May 1, 2019. So keep an eye out in your news feeds for that information.

Also the ABC Commissary will be closed from April 28 to June 1 for refurbishment. Once it reopens dinner after 4:00 will be for reservations mostly. Walk ups will be permitted but may take longer than usual because of reservations being served first. Lunch will remain walk ups.


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