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D-Luxe Burger Review - Disney Springs - Walt Disney World - May 27, 2019

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D-Luxe Burger is a Burger joint located at Disney Springs. It's located not far from the Guest Services building.

Outside the building you will find the basic menu.

Along with a fair amount of outdoor seating.

Inside you will also find the Shake menu.

Our favorite is the S'mores. It's chocolate ice cream with toasted marshmallow Monin Flavoring and whipped cream with chocolate sauce and a graham cracker topper. Yummy!

This interior sign explains the dedication to the food at D-Luxe Burger

The menu front consists of the Burgers available, Fries, Kid's items and sauces. It also explains Duo Burgers. This is a combination where you get two burgers, one order of fries and two drinks. This is what we decided on this day.

Mine was the Barbecue Burger and Hubby's was a special burger not on the menu. This was the Carribbean Burger.

My Barbecue burger was perfectly cooked medium and included smoked gouda cheese, barbecue sauce, bacon and lettuce. This was a good burger. Not too messy but a little bigger than I could eat so half of it went home with us. Which did reheat nicely.


This is Hubby's Caribbean Burger. This burger had a scotch bonnet aioli (fancy word for mayonnaise), chayote slaw, (chayote is a gourd also known as the mirliton squash), fried plantains (also known as tostones), and lettuce and tomato. He enjoyed this a lot but it was very messy.

The fries were ample enough for the two of us.

The back of the menu is the drinks menu.


There is a lot of interesting artwork in the restaurant. It eludes to the fact that the location has been around for a lot longer than it has in actuality. Like a hundred years.

And a large artwork piece that shows the building as well in a turn of the century setting.

On a previous visit to this restaurant I got some pretty good photos of the Southern Burger.


And the order of fries for that day.

And we had the Salted Caramel Shake that day.

Before we started the blog I didn't always take photos of the food. We were there to enjoy the experience without worrying about documenting it. But I did get these photos on that day.

We hope you get to try out D-Luxe Burger at Disney Springs. We enjoy it and try to get back there from time to time.


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