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PizzeRizzo Review - Hollywood Studios - Walt Disney World - May 24, 2019

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Today we are touching on a location that is technically closed. PizzeRizzo is only open for a short time while the ABC Commissary is undergoing renovations. So if you missed PizzeRizzo when it was open before here's your chance. This restaurant use to be Planet Pizza with a Toy Story Theme which was closed in July of 2016 and reopened in November of 2016 as PizzeRizzo with a more Muppets theme since it is just outside the MuppetsVision 3D attraction. It closed in October of 2018 and it reopened the beginning of May this year and It is expected to close again either the end of May of beginning of June when the ABC Commissary reopens.

Since this location will be closing permanently I wanted to document the signage and some of it's ambiance.



While we didn't eat here on this day we have eaten here before. The last time being September 30, of last year just before it closed. We had already eaten on this day at the Tune In Lounge so we just decided to document the location instead. And since most of you won't make it in time to eat here before it closes again the food might not be as important as seeing what once was, when it's gone for good.

The secret to this restaurant was going up the lighted staircase and eating on the second floor. It was mostly uncrowded here and had wonderful areas to see.

One of the hidden features was the Banquet Hall, it's got this great little marquee outside the door.

Inside the Banquet Hall it's all decked out for Gil and Lill's wedding.

Complete with music, a spinning disco ball and lots of decor. You can eat in this room and pretend you are at the wedding reception.

Just outside the Banquet Hall is a Community board with lots of fun things to see.

The condiment station has all the Italian flair with the red checkerboard graphics.

The balcony always had lots of seating as well.

And I had to document the menu.

While we didn't eat anything on this day, we have had their pizza, meatball sub and salads before.

So while this review wasn't really about the food. I wanted you all to see this restaurant one last time before it's gone, gone, gone.


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