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Flower and Garden Food at EPCOT Review - April 1, 2019 (multiple post part 1)

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On Saturday we decided to check out the food at the Flower and Garden Festival at EPCOT.

A little bit of information about me is that in the early 1980s I was employed by an engineering firm as their draftsperson. One of the jobs I worked on was spending 16 weeks in a trailer at an offsite where there was a steel fabrication plant. Myself (to document where the welds were located and their readings), an engineer from the engineering firm (to take the readings) and an imagineer from Disney (just to oversee) were there to inspect the welds as the legs to Spaceship earth were made. So I got to see what's inside those four legs that hold up the big silver ball. I say hello to them every time I pass them.

The Flower and Garden Festival use to be mostly flower and garden related but over the years has come to enjoy some food huts that are similar but different from the ones that they have for Food and Wine. This post will be spread over several postings because there's a lot to talk about and see. This event takes place from March 6 through June 3, 2019

Located around the World Showcase lagoon as you walk from country to country there are little food huts at several locations. Along with these huts are many of Disney's wonderful topiaries. 

There is also special event merchandise that you can purchase. I thought this was a cute tee.

And there are a ton of great opportunities to get some really great photos.

My husband has a friend that he likes to say hi to when he can find him, we were lucky to see him on this day.

Yes he is a massive fish. Probably about 3 feet long, he lives in the lake.

So let's get on with the food.

We started at the Pineapple Promenade.

We had the Spicy Hot dog with Pineapple chutney and plantain chips. Silly me, I thought the chips were a side, but they were actually on the hot dog.

This hot dog was great, a bit spicy as the name implies but very good, the plantain chips added a great crunch. 

We've also had the Pineapple Soft Serve with Fanta and the pineapple beer flight from this hut in years past. Both were great.

Here's another menu board showing photos and descriptions of some of the items.

Our next stop was the Honey Bee-stro

They had some bee hives set up, I don't think they were working hives though as I didn't notice any bee activity.

And a sampling of different types of honey were on display.

We had the Honey Tandoori Chicken Flatbread.

This is a flatbread with chicken, cheese, sour cream and micro greens.

Tandoor is an oven that the flatbread is cooked in, so Tandoori is a style of cooking.

We've also had the Wildflower Mascarpone Cheesecake, and the Honey-Peach Cobbler Freeze in previous years.

This was a very nice flatbread with lots of toppings and full of flavor.

Then on to The Flavor Full Kitchen which was a new place this year.

For the Citrus-poached Salmon.

This salmon was perfectly done and served with Ancient Grain salad, Roasted Vegetables of Patty Pan Squash and Grape Tomatoes with Citrus greens (cilantro was one of the greens in this dish. I mention this because both my husband and I are effected by cilantro, it tastes like soap to us.)

I've had the Blood Orange Aqua Fresca from the Italian dessert stand outside the Italy pavilion on a different trip. It was a blood orange soda that was mildly carbonated.

To be continued.

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