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Pepe at Disney Springs by José Andrés Review - March 28, 2019

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March 28, 2019

In March of 2019 José Andrés opened two new restaurants at Disney Springs West Side, Jaleo and Pepe. One a sit down restaurant and the other a walk up quick service location. Both are located in the same place across from Splitsville Bowling. 

Some background about the building, it use to house three restaurants by Wolfgang Puck. Puck Express, Wolfgang Puck Cafe, and Wolfgang Puck Grand Cafe (which was located on the second floor). This building located between Bongos and House of Blues was torn down in 2017 and rebuilt specifically for Jaleo and Pepe opening in March of 2019.

José Andrés is a Spanish-American chef credited with bringing small plate dining to America.

In the bottom left corner of Jaleo is a little walk up eatery called Pepe. This review is actually about Pepe, we will review Jaleo at a future time when we are able to get a reservation. 

To get to this restaurant you could park in Parking Structure Orange.

The walkway from the 2nd floor of the parking garage that is on the west most corner of the building would bring you out between Pop (a cute little store of items) and Splitsville (the bowling alley). Directly in front of Splitsville is where Pepe is located.

Outside Pepe you will see the menu board at the front door. So that you can see what is available before you enter the building.

Pepe is small, very small. just 19 seats. This consists of two tables one that seats four and one that seats 2 and 13 chairs that are at a low eating bar surrounding the room.

The artwork is colorful as one entire wall is taken up from top of bar to ceiling with this image.

As you enter the restaurant you will see a walk up counter that houses cold items.

The right side:

The Left side:

Above the open cases are the menu boards.

For our meal we chose the following, our wait time was 15 minutes from the time we ordered our food until it was ready, there wasn't any line really so there wasn't any wait to place our order.

My Sandwich was the Bikini de Jamón y queso. 

Essentially this is a grilled ham and cheese sandwich with spicy mustard. A very good sandwich, it was warm and gooey. I did share half with my husband so he could taste it as well.

My husband chose the Pepito Ternera

A flat-iron steak sandwich with carmelized Onions, Cheese and Mayonnaise.

This sandwich was our favorite for taste and the steak was perfectly tender and easy to bite through. He also shared half of this with me.

We also got the Patatas Bravas.

They are served in the potato chip bag inside are potato chips with Aioli and Brava Sauce. A little like Potato chips with mayo and ketchup. 

For dessert we had the Leche Merengada

This is a soft serve made with Sweetened Milk, Cinnamon and Lemon. This was an interesting flavor combination. The lemon was subtle so it was mostly a cinnamon ice cream with just a hint of citrus.

We enjoyed our dinner at Pepe. It's a great walk up eatery to be added to the Westside of Disney Springs.   

There are no discounts in this eatery at this time.

 In the news today:

  • Disney is changing their no smoking policy and doing away with the smoking areas inside the parks, water parks, or ESPN. As of May 1, 2019 the only smoking areas will be outside the gates of the parks.
  • New guidelines on strollers, they can no longer be larger than 31" wide and 52" long. No wagon style strollers will be permitted of any size.
  • No loose ice or dry ice will be permitted inside the parks effective March 28, 2019. But frozen gel packs are allowed.

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