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Rix Sports Bar and Grill - Coronado Springs Resort - Walt DisneyWorld - April 23, 2019

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Today we review Rix Sports Bar and Grill - Disney World's Coronado Springs Resort.

Located just across the walkway from what use to be the Pepper Market but is now El Mercado de Coronado is Rix Sports Bar and Grill. Originally Rix was to be just a sports bar but was eventually turned into a restaurant as well when Las Ventana's was closed. Las Ventana's was located just to the right of Rix and the sign is still there but Las Ventana's has since closed, it looks like a training space now. We had breakfast at Las Ventana's before it closed, about a year ago. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are now all served at Rix.

 Just beyond Rix and Las Ventana's is the convention space of Coronado Springs.

Rix is a beautiful space. Well appointed and plenty of all types of seating.

Don't forget to look up when you are in the vestibule checking in. There are some wonderful lighting fixtures above your head that you might just miss.

The bar has plenty of seating and there are many tv screens in the bar to watch your favorite sporting events.

There are areas of seating that are couches and chairs. So you can watch the sports events and enjoy a drink or cocktail without having to sit at a dining table.

The dining room has ample places to enjoy your food as well without being near the bar.

 Our server this day was Nelson and he did a fabulous job. He made sure we were attended to in a very consistent manner even when a table near us took up a lot of his time he checked on us to make sure we didn't need anything.

The drinks menu was separate from the food menu.

 And was mounted to an awesome carved wood board.

The beer flight was on our menu for today and consisted of four tastings.  The 3 daughters Floating Dock IPA, Big Top Conch Republic Key Lime Wheat, Dukes Cold Nose Brown Ale and Caribe Blood Orange Cider. I'm not a beer fan but the cider was cool and crisp with a very prominent orange and apple flavor.

 The menu is two sided with Appetizers on one side.

We chose the Watchos, They are waffle fries, loaded with queso blanco, bacon and scallions. The portion was very large and big enough to share with 2-4 people as an appetizer. Ours wasn't hot when it arrived but was very good in flavor. So I didn't say anything to the waiter. My theory on complaining about food is that if it is still very good I don't say anything and enjoy it. But I'll bet if the dish had been served hot it would have been out of this world because I'd still eat it again even thought wasn't this time.


A close up...

The second side of the menu is entrees, sandwiches, soups and salads.

From this side I chose the Turkey and Brie Sandwich. It's pictured at the top right corner of the menu. However the photo wasn't exactly a great representation of what arrived at our table. The photo shows that the sandwich is made with fresh turkey. The sandwich I got was made with thick cut processed turkey. It was still very good and I enjoyed it a lot but I don't particularly like processed turkey and would probably have ordered something else if I knew that's what was on the sandwich. It includes Oven Roasted Turkey, Brie, Watercress, Green Apple, Shaved Red Onion with Cranberry Mustard, Herb mayonnaise on a toasted multi grain bread and It's served with fresh house made bread and butter pickles and a side. Since I'd already had waffle fries as an appetizer I opted for the beet and goat cheese salad. 

The beet and goat cheese salad is a side size salad with mixed greens, tomatoes, beets and goat cheese. It had a vinaigrette that complimented the flavors.

My husband opted for the Questo Fundido Burger, it's creamy queso blanco, chorizo, caramelized onions and peppers with Monterey Jack Cheese. This is a knife and fork burger for sure. This burger was big and was easily a sharable item. The flavors were great and I had part of it after we got home. We would definitely do this item again.

He chose the green apple cabbage slaw as his side, it was made with nappa cabbage, red peppers, apples, carrots and a vinegar based dressing that I believe had a hint of ginger to it. It had a bit of an Asian flavor.

The dessert menu is on a stand that stays on your table. 

We opted for the Adult Sunday. We weren't sure why it was called the Adult Sunday because nothing on the menu stated that there was any alcohol in the item. But the server mentioned that there was alcohol in some of the ingredients. We asked if that could be left out as we didn't want the alcohol this time and he said he'd find out. Our sundae arrived without the Pineapple and strawberries, so I'm assuming that's where the alcohol is in this sundae. Everything else on the menu was in the bowl. It was a big enough sundae to share for sure.

 When we finished our meal we decided to take walk around the hotel. 

Disney's Coronado Springs opened August 1, 1997. It is categorized as a moderate resort on Disney property.

The hotel has a large portico in front for guests loading and unloading luggage.

From the parking lot you can see the new expansion high rise being built. At this time the new tower is called Gran Destino and is 15 stories tall.

The entrance is very grand with lots of seating for those waiting for cars to pick them up.

As you step inside you'll see the wonderful fountain and walkways to the restaurants and shop.

Don't forget to look up. You'll see a beautiful ceiling.

To the right is the check in area and concierge desk.

What some people miss is the hidden Mickey on the far wall. They are so excited to get to their room that they don't see it.

As you move towards the back wall of the room you'll see it even better.

And here's as close as I could get. It's just three spot lights on the crest at the back of the room. But it's an unmistakable hidden Mickey.

 As you walk through the lobby to the lake area you'll see the Laguna bar. 

We found lots of table seating outside the main lobby but weren't quite sure what it was used for since Cafe Rix doesn't really serve much in the way of food for quick service. But there's lots of places to sit and eat should you need to do so.


Out on the lake you can see the construction happening for the new eating location that will be on the lake, and I do mean on the lake.

Originally the name for this was the 3 Bridges Bar and Grill, because there are three bridges that lead you to the building. 

But it looks like they've changed the name to Villa del Lago as per the signage on the building.

If you are ever at Coronado Springs you should take the walk around the lake. It's a wonderful .75 mile walk.


 It takes you past the pools.

And the spa.

This pool happens to be a lap pool.

And if you walk up to the spa and turn around on your way out you will see one of the many wonderful fountains on the grounds here.

You'll see the new Gran Destino from across the lake.

And see some wonderful picturesque views.

This hotel has a mix of rooms. The buildings are 2 and 3 story. And they change from area to area.

There's a cute little butterfly garden.

And part of the rooms look like an old western area with a dry river bed.

There's even a place to tie up your horse.

There are a lot of cactus in this area.

I even got a photo of a bright green bee on one of them.

 Just past this area you will come to the Laundry facilities and another of the quiet pools.

Then on to the big pool. This one is called the Dig Site.

This is a very large pool.

It has a very impressive waterfall.

This brings us back around to the Gran Destino building.

On your way out don't forget to look for the second hidden Mickey here.

On the doors to the back of the lobby...

On the right side door in the top section you'll see this Mickey.

I hope one day you will visit this resort and take a walk around the grounds and have a bite to eat. There are two other restaurants in this location. El Mercado de Coronado (which use to be the Pepper Market) and Maya Grill.

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