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Café Rix Review - Coronado Springs Resort - Walt Disney World - April 22, 2019

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On Saturday we visited Coronado Springs Resort to have lunch at Rix Bar and Grill, and on the way out stopped in at Café Rix. 

Café Rix is a Counter Service dining location at the Coronado Springs Resort.

It offers Pastries, fruits, snacks, mousses, smoothies, coffee and gelato.

We purchased the cute little pink round cake you see at the left of this photo. we were so excited to eat it that we totally forgot to get a close up photo of it. It's a strawberry cake, with a center hollowed out and strawberry filling inside then covered in buttercream, and chocolate ganache with pink white chocolate curls. It was heavenly. The sponge of the cake was beautifully moist and soft and the flavors of the strawberry really popped. I really wish I'd gotten a photo but we might have to go back for another one to get a close up.

Cafe Rix Pastry Case Walt Disney World Coronado Springs Resort

We also chose the center chocolate cake in the right portion of the photo here. Again in too much of a rush to get a close up. But this one is a banana cake with banana filling and chocolate fudge frosting with walnuts on top. It was a wonderful banana cake flavor with the chocolate setting it off and the crunch of the walnuts really complimented the whole cake. Again would do this one again in a minute.

Bakery Case at Cafe Rix Coronado Springs Resort Walt Disney World

They also offer a small selection of salads and mousses.

Cafe Rix Salad case Coronado Springs Resort Walt Disney World

We were hoping they had pre-made sandwiches that would be grab and go but they didn't have any in this location.

They did have a nice case of 10 flavors of gelato though.

Gelato Case Cafe Rix Coronado Springs Walt Disney World

Here's the flavor selection that was on the menu. I see there are 12 flavors but only 10 were in the case that day. Dulce de Leche and Cookies & Cream were missing. They may have sold out of those already that day.

Gelato Menu Board Cafe Rix Coronado Springs Walt Disney World

The Smoothie and tea menu is next.

And the Coffee menu.

The location also has refrigerators for drinks.

And a drink station, that was impeccably clean.

The menu board for the drink station was above on the wall.

Something I'd not seen before in a quick service location was a cereal and snack station. You fill your bag and it's a set price.

Last but not least it had a large selection of pre-packaged snacks.

If you are staying at Coronado Springs and are in need of a snack, beverage or sweet. By all means stop by Café Rix. The girls in there are very nice and helpful and will assist you in getting whatever you need.

After our visit here we did a little walk around the resort grounds. They are in the process of adding a new high rise.

They are also adding a new food location that is actually being built in the middle of the lake. Now that's using space that wasn't previously usable.

Coronado has a wonderful walkway that goes all the way around the lake. You see many beautiful plants there.

In my upcoming blog about Café Rix Bar and Grill I will go into more in depth about the resort.

This location is too new for any recipes to be in any of the Disney cookbooks. It went through a remodel in 2017.

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