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The Paddock Grill Review - Saratoga Springs Resort - Walt Disney World - May 2, 2019

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Today we have a review about one of our favorite places. Once in a while in our travels to eating at every location that serves food at Walt Disney World we find a hidden gem. The Paddock Grill is one of those. It's an unexpected find at a little poolside grill. 

The Paddock Grill is located at Saratoga Springs Resort a Disney Vacation Club Resort located just over the waterway from Disney Springs. You've probably seen the hotel across the water if you've ever been to Disney Springs (Formerly Downtown Disney). 

The Paddock Grill is open from 7:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. for Breakfast and from 11:00 a.m. until 9 p.m. for lunch and dinner.

The Paddock Grill was added in 2011 when the Paddock swimming pool was built and opened on July 1, 2011. The pool has a 146 foot waterslide and a zero depth entry pool and whirlpool spa.

On this day we were there for lunch because one of my favorite sandwiches of all times is at this grill. If you love bacon, and who doesn't, you'll love this review.

The menu for the Paddock Grill can be found on the wall.

And we had the Spice-crusted Fish sandwich from this board. Now this isn't my favorite sandwich that is to come later. But my favorite isn't listed on this menu.

The spice-crusted fish was a very nice surprise. I had in my mind a deep fried fish patty. But we were amazed at what we were served. It was a beautiful thick piece of fresh Mahi Mahi with a dusting of spices. I'll venture to say that this piece of fish was about 1" thick, cooked perfectly and was one of the best fish sandwiches I think I've ever had. It's served with french fries and since we aren't cilantro fans we asked for the cilantro mayonnaise on the side. The sandwich is served with cole slaw on the sandwich so really the mayo wasn't needed at all for us.

Now if you go to the window and look up there is another menu board. On this board there are two items that aren't shown on the menu board on the wall.

About 3/4 of the way down the board you will see two items not on the other menu board Turkey Artichoke Panini and Barbecued Pork Belly. 

My absolute favorite is the Barbecued Pork Belly. It doesn't say that it's a sandwich but it is and it's served on the same beautiful bun as the fish sandwich. It includes thinly sliced pork belly dipped in barbecue sauce and piled high with cole slaw and deep fried onion strings. Think of it as a barbecue bacon sandwich. Yum, Yum, Yum. This is one of this sandwiches that if you try to take a bite I might stab you with my fork.

Also on the menu are the kid's meals.

And you can find drinks menus on the counter where you order and pay. One side is wine, beer and non-alcohol drinks.

Hubby had a Blue Point Mad Sea'd Sea Salt and Watermelon Lager.

Here's the back of the drink menu that is cocktails.

The area is very clean and there's some covered areas where the tables are as well as some in the sun with umbrellas. The condiment station has necessities.

And refillable fountain drinks and tea are serve yourself.

If you get a chance to visit this great little grill, do so. The food is awesome and the staff is super friendly.

While you are there take a walk around the hotel. It's beautiful. As you walk toward the main lobby there is a beautiful swimming pool there as well.

And if your feet get tired, they have recently added these massage chairs in the lobby.

While we walked through the main lobby we noticed that a very large seating arrangement was missing from the floor leaving a very wide expanse of beautiful carpet. The seating arrangement is out being refurbished and will be back soon.

In a little room off the lobby you will see a tribute to the horses of Disney in the art around this little room.

Outside the main lobby you will see this great old horse carriage.

And a life size bronze horse and rider.

Did you know that there are two hidden Mickey's on this horse.

The next time you are there look closely at the horse's bridal. And you'll see the Mickey in the rings.

And if you look in the roses of the blanket on the horse you'll see this Mickey.

We noticed a new logo design for the Saratoga merchandise. I love the new logo. You can't really see it but all of the golden areas are actually metallic foil. It's a very nice look with the non foil parts.

On this day we were actually there for two reasons, one was to go to the Paddock Grill and one was to see the new rooms for the brand new Riviera Vacation Club resort that's the next to open. They are having viewing walk throughs for DVC owners every afternoon at 2:00 and 3:00. Just stop by the DVC office at Saratoga and they will direct you to the waiting room until the group is ready.

The rooms of the new resort will be along the level of Grand Floridian Vacation Club rooms. They are well appointed for sure. Here's a glimpse at the studio room.

The kitchenette.


The split bathroom so two people can get ready at the same time. And yes that is floor to ceiling marble.

The bed is beautiful

There was a couch in this room that I didn't get a photo of, there were so many people packed into this room that getting photos was really difficult. But across from the couch was the table and chairs.

Under the flat screen wall mounted tv was another pull down bed.

Then we viewed the 1 bedroom suite. the kitchen is a galley style with full amenities.

The fridge was on the opposite wall next to the banquette.

In this living room was a beautiful blue velvet couch that actually sits in front of a pull down Murphy bed that is hidden in the wall. The couch actually folds as the bed is pulled down.

In the bedroom you'll find this beautiful purple velvet bed. It's up off the floor to give you space to put your luggage out of the way under the bed.

Now this bathroom is a work of art. I had to lag back from the group to get a good photo but the tub area and lighting were so impressive I had to get a good photo.

This bathroom also has a full shower.

And a single sink with countertop space for sharing for two.

I can't wait to see what the bigger rooms look like. 

That's all for today, I thought this was going to be a short one but I found so much to tell about at Saratoga.


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