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Vivoli il Gelato at Disney Springs The Landing Review - May 3, 2019

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Today we are reviewing Vivoli il Gelato located at Disney Springs in The Landing area. This gelato shop is located across from the Boathouse Restaurant for ease in finding it's location.

The hours of operation are from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 midnight.

This is a family run gelato shop from Florence Italy, and this is only its second storefront in 85 years, and they chose Disney Springs.

Outside the shop you will find some nice little tables and chairs with umbrellas to sit and enjoy your gelato.

Each month they have a special sundae, for May 2019 the sundae is a Peanut Butter Cookie Dough sundae. Made with chocolate gelato, peanut butter gelato, cookie dough gelato, crushed cookies, peanuts, chocolate sauce and whipped cream served in a waffle cone bowl.

And they have a special shake of the month. For May 2019 the special is the Magic Lamp Shake. It's salted caramel gelato spun with chocolate chip brownies and milk inside a white chocolate dipped waffle cone topped with whipped cream, blue sprinkles and chocolate sauce.

We chose the Magic Lamp Shake for our treat today. We do enjoy these waffle cone shakes a lot since we do like waffle cones but really don't like biting into them as a cone. They can be hard to eat as just a cone and this method really is the best of both worlds. You get a shake with a cone inside it so you can break off bits of the cone and eat those and have the gelato as well with a spoon or straw. This one had great flavors. I asked for an extra spoon so I could share it with hubby.

I took a couple of photos of the menu boards this one is of the coffee, beverages and sorbetto.


 And this one is the flavors of Gelato they are serving for today.

They also have what's called a Spaghetti Sundae, it's cream custard gelato that is extruded to look like spaghetti noodles, chocolate gelato to appear like meatballs, strawberry sauce to mimic spaghetti sauce, and topped with white chocolate chips to look like parmesan cheese.

They also offer the cookie sandwich with your choice of two cookies and one scoop of your choice of gelato.

I managed to take a couple of photos of the gelato cases so you can see the bright and pretty colors.

If you are looking for a cup of gelato these are the sizes and prices.

They offer several different types of waffle cones, plain, chocolate dipped, chocolate with sprinkles and white chocolate.

Inside you'll find the menu board with the pricing.

And the specials board for the month. There's also a wedding cake sundae on the specials board that wasn't shown anywhere else. It's cake batter gelato, amaretto gelato, hazelnut gelato, amaretto crumbles, caramel and whipped cream.

Well, needless to say if it's ice cream of any type we are there. This shop has wonderful treats and they are always a great item to share. The only thing I would like to see in this shop is more defined queuing. Every time we've been there we've been told the line starts somewhere else. Even if we are the only people in the shop we are told to stand in a different place than we currently are. Once we stood at the cash register and were told we had to order at the other end of the case, once we were told we had to order at the cash register and yesterday we were told again at the end of the case. There's no clear "order here" position in this shop. And customers tend to stand all in the lobby area so no one knows who is ready to order, and who isn't. Just my observation. But a clear "order here" sign would be great.

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