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Sonya's Review (throwback) Disney's Vero Beach Resort - April 18, 2019

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Sonya's Restaurant closed in December of 2016, located at the Disney Vero Beach Resort in Vero Beach, Florida. This is a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) resort located at the north end of Vero Beach near Sebastian, Florida. Vero Beach is located a little south of half way down the state on the east side, between Fort Pierce and Melbourne. It's home to many fishing spots, antique stores, and places to see treasures that have been found off it's coast.

The resort has several of it's own places to dine. Sonya's was their top of the line. Located a short walk through Shutters, the family dining restaurant was a door to Sonya's. This restaurant has now been remodeled and changed to Wind and Waves and a review of that will come at a later time.

The first time I ate here was sometime in 2002 or there about. I remember a very big seafood buffet in the back room. Seafood as far as you could see. I was very impressed. Over the years it changed to more of a sit down style restaurant in the 4 star range. Many a couple spent their special event in this dining room. It was small. If memory serves me there were only about 10 tables. We always made a point of eating here when we stayed at the resort.

Sonya's was a quaint, dark wood, fine dining experience. I've saved a few of the menus from the past.

While all of my menus carry the date of July 07 I think it was just the date that the plain menu paper was printed and not the actual menus themselves. One of the dates that we have was May of 2013 when we dined there. We didn't always keep the dates of when we were at specific restaurants over the years. Some I've filled in from receipts that I've located. I know we'd eaten at this restaurant at least 5 times. They use to have a great Easter and Mother's Day Brunch and we'd done that several times along with eating in the actual restaurant.

Here's the menu for the Mother's Day Brunch that I have.

Here's the menus that I have.

The Cheese and Dessert Selections

The After Dinner Drinks and Dessert Selection (this probably predates the one with the cheese selection)

The main menu front

The menus we have oldest to newest. As you can see it was mainly a surf and turf type of restaurant. We loved it here and were sorry to see it go.

While I don't have any major memories of the actual food. I do have some photos to share of the grounds of the Vero Beach Resort.

This was the view from our room at the resort.

The grounds are immaculately landscaped with lots of tropical flowers.

The sunrises are beautiful.

If you prefer the pool to the beach there's an awesome slide.

and The lobby is breathtaking at Christmas.


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